Project name: XA2D-1 Skyshark, 2nd prototype
This build represents 2nd prototype before overall blue paint was removed and the plane was modified during further tests.
Therefore it has different rudder type and tailhook, which was later removed and never used.
This plane is the biggest single propeler fighter I have ever seen.It is almost E-2C Hawkeye size, so it is real monster in my display.

All parts of the kit are molded precisely with sharp details. The plastic is a bit soft, but it is not an issue when you work carefully. Guide book is well done, shows correct parts position and has no issues.
The only issues of the kit is building of 2nd prototype in overall blue coat as it requires to alter rudder and resin ejection seat which does not fit well in cockpit.
When put into cockpit, it is taller than rear cover. I had to sand off the bottom of the seat and it fitted nicely very soon.
The kit is getting together perfectly when you go precisely and carefully – every milimeter counts.

If you think about to build this kit, here are some hints:
I recommend to get brass pitot tubes and guns, their size is really asking it.
You might also consider to reinforce mainwheel legs connection to wings. I would recommend to make a pin on the leg with wire or tube and hole in the wing to secure the position and strenght of the joint.

XA2D-1 Skyshark


Martin Dytrych


About 3 months 


Clear Prop Models Kit 




Static Airplane Modeling


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