This project was a collaboration with Fields of Glory Models UK. FoG provided the bases and other modelling products free of charge and I promoted them on my page. The project was a series of 1/35 vignettes loosely based on the Kharkov winter battle. As more pieces were painted, the complexity of the scenes increased – this is how I develop all content for my page. 8 WSS figures in total were painted, all from Evolution Miniatures. The Schwimmwagen is by Tamiya. As you can see, I use photographic backgrounds too. The project took 6 weeks to complete and the figures and Schwimmwagen have been bought by a customer in the USA. All paints are from AK Interactive. I use 000 series 7 brushes from Rosemary & Co. Please include my page address on the post: WWII Figures & Models by Longrange 

‘Scenes from Kharkov’


WWII Figures & Models by Longrange 

Work Time 

about 6 weeks 


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