I started with the plastic ship model making about 4 years ago.
At that time I didn’t have much space and so I had to find a new hobby room, as cheap as possible and without much effort.
The working area has a length of 4 meters and around the corner another 1.2 meters.
The tables, shelves and boxes are from Ikea. The back wall is a so called steel perforated wall from the industrial area.
The light is provided by simple lamps from the kitchen area with a color temperature of 5000K.
The total construction time was about 4 days.
I dedicated an area of my workplace to my wife. My wife makes nordic decoration pieces from glass and wood. She is also an artist in the field of wood branding!
The 2nd area is dedicated to my modular airbrush cabin with adjustable exhaust air and LED light with 6500k to keep the color impression.
The 3rd area is my workplace!
I myself build extremely detailed historical battleships from plastic and metal in scale 1/700 .
My tools consist mainly of Tamiya, Master Tool, and some private German and American companies.
For the sorting of my tools and my accessories the modules of Hobbyzone are used.
Colors I use exclusively from AK interactive, Tamiya and Lifecolor

Workbench by Sirius


Sirius R.Mike

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