I started rebuilding the workbench 2 years ago. It started with the hobbyzone modules, which then grew more and more. Some shelves were made with the laser themselves. With a length of 6.5 m I have enough space to build and paint. The left side is used for building. The right side is intended for painting and printing. 2 large led panels (120×30) illuminate the workplace. Now I’m at a point where everything fits perfectly and is functional and functional. I’m currently done, but that can change quickly. I started with Tamiya colors, which were then quickly expanded with vallejo, Ammo of Mig, Andrea and Scale 75 colors. You can never have enough colors. When the airbrush is used, I am equipped with an Iwata and a harder & Steenbeck Infinity. The compressor is a Sparmax AC-500. my focus is on 1/35 vehicles from ww2 to modern US vehicles. But also just everything I feel like doing. A 3d printer has recently been added, which I am currently working on.

Workbench by Matthias


Matthias Benjamin Muller 

Work Time 

2 Years


Workbench project


Glue, Paint, Accessories 


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