Details : Thank you for my acceptance into the group. I thought I’d share my latest model. I started with a 1:24 1940’s antique Wilo Line Fire Hose Wagon kit and then started kit bashing, and created a diorama to feature the model.

I normally don’t build fire apparatus, but have always enjoyed work from those who do. The kit and its history intrigued me. I researched the prototype and conferred with a couple of retired firemen interested in fire history. I added a horse team with harness that I scratch built and a backdrop station / diorama. I 3D printed some pieces, and hand made others. Finally finished painting and took the final photos this weekend. Done!

Wilo Line Fire Hose Wagon


Kevin Boots 

Work Time 

About  2  month


Wilo Line FH-130 Kit 




Static modeling


See the description…….