This is my ‘What If’ diorama of two Iconic American movie cars from two different movies in the 1970s. The Challenger was driven by ‘Kowalski’ in the film ‘Vanishing Point’ and the Charger was driven by ‘Crazy Larry’ in the film ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry’. Both movies depict these Mean Machines burning up the desert highways as they run from the law. Sadly both movies end with the cars and their drivers meeting their demise (Charger vs train and Challenger vs bulldozers). In my ‘alternate ending’ version here, I combined the two movies and they meet at a blind crossroad in a horrific high-speed crash as the final scene. This diorama tries to capture the moment of impact with ‘just born’ skid-marks and a little tire smoke. The ‘just now’ shattering glass and bent antennas combined with the flying battery really try to freeze frame the moment. I also put some thought into the physics at play and tried to build it into each cars pose. I think it’s pretty cool how a scratchbuilt base with some aluminum foil and cell phone screen protectors can really bring this plastic that we play with to life.

‘ What If ‘


Hershel Weaver

Work Time 

About a month


The green car is a 1/25 AMT Dukes of Hazzard 1969 Dodge Charger ‘General Lee’. And the white car is a 1/24 Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger.


1:24 1:25


Static Modeling


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