Name: Panther “131” Ausf D. Brand: Takom Build time: 2months Panther “131” Ausf.D Finally calling her done. More photos on the Facebook page album, and some random photodumps(hahaha) Over all what an amazing kit from TAKOM. Truly an amazing experience for me who hasn’t gotten to sink much of teeth into armors. So far had a few speed bumps( tracks coz I can’t manage the track links, its a puzzle for me) It may seem intimidating at the start coz of the ton of sprues you had to go through, but when you get going at it. It just becomes a breeze as long as you get the momentum going. Interior details are amazing. Had to get some references from builders and photos of the 131 panther. The only dilemma was keeping to the request of having a fresh of the warroom and on to the theater, subtle chips and light washes.. The fuel and oil stains to follow with a little dust.. Painted with Zurc Scale Model Paints lacquers. Weathering with AMMO by Mig Jimenez Top coat with zurc flat clear Thanks for the support and inputs everyone. Stay safe and happy modeling. Thanks to my cousin Doc Raphael for the Bovington Tank Museum walk around.


Will-yam Muyco


About 2 months


Panther “131” Ausf D. Brand: Takom




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