Hi, You can find few more pictures about it, some are wip pictures, some are the final ones in the drivelink I’ve attached below. Shewas built in summer 2016 between May and July. USS John Paul Jones DDG-52 – I always wanted to build an Arleigh Burke Class destroyer and when I saw the movie Battleship I decided to build this Flight 1A ship. Scale is 1:350, the original kit is a Trumpeter 04523 plus I’ve added some aftermarket PE. Doors, ladees, etc were replaced to PE as well. The aftermarket PE set was from Tetra. Paints are used are from Vallejo, unfortunately I can not remember which ones. Extra markings are from a US somewhere. In addition to the base paint filtering with oils, pinwash with oils and streaking with oils were applied.

USS John Paul Jones DDG-52


Laszlo Halmos 

Work Time 

About 3 Months 


Trumpeter kit 04523




Static Naval Modeling


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