My layout is composed of three levels, I gave much importance to the scenery with backgrounds, such as desert, canyons, mountains and industries, all this interconnected by a big Helix, my collection of machines and mostly Kato and Scale Trains, all on a scale N, I started building 2 years ago, but now due to the pandemic I accelerated the works, I prefer the N scale because I live in an apartment and I don t have space for another scale like HO ,and as I like various scenes,I prefer Union Pacific and BNSF,I like the colors of these companies,although I live in Brazil, I chose these railroads for my collection,I have approximately 45 locomotives and more than 200 wagons that I have been buying over the years, unfortunately in Brazil we do not have nice modeling stores as in the USA and Europe, we do not have here the amount and variety of products, when you find it are very expensive.

I usually first work in the background before doing the decoration of the environment, first Choose theme and then start, all of my vegetation are imported, I like very much the woodland scenics and Heki,because the colors are more natural, as it should be.

 Evandro Luiz

Union Pacific and BNSF layout 


Evandro Luiz

Work Time 


Kato and Scale Trains 


N 1:160


Railway modeling 


Woodland Scenics and Heki items