Using HMM-268 “Red Dragons”, USMC. around 80’s
Hi, this is my 1/35 Twin Huey, UH 1N from dragon, its old mold kit, and re release with many Photo etched add on, I think the only critics are because the rivet are raise and looks a little overscale. as “only” UH 1N release in 1/35 scale, this kit my poin is 8/10. I build this OOB no scratchbuild or conversion kit added, as a fans of 3 tone color camo I decided to choose 3 tone camo form 80’s- early 90”s USMC HMM -268 “Red Dragon’ Camo. No many problem to do it, overall I mix Tamiya Acrilic paint and using airbrush to do, I m trying to make it hard edge camo using Bluetack masking, and using oil paint for washing.

UH-1N Helicopter


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OOB build Twin Huey UH 1N Dragon Kit 




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