Bust Young Miniatures, Roman cavalry officer
I ventured into this bust by pure chance
I started the complexion almost a year ago and after several steps and a long time, I came to a conclusion
After the first stages of assembly, positioning of the pins, I moved on to grouting,
In this case I used the Vallejo putty, plastic putty, when I finished sanding and preparing the surfaces, with an airbrush I applied two light coats of “one shot” ammo of mig primer, I find it an excellent primer in this case i used gray.
After the primer dried, I started airbrushing the bases
For the complexion 70876 brown sand vallejo
For the Napoleonic red cloak andrea color
For the green Napoleonic tunic Andrea color
For metals 77713 jet esaust metal color vallejo
Still with airbrush I started to baste lights and shadows
Using base color 70876 plus 70815 for highlights and 70859 for shadows
After a brush in the wet palette, I prepared the complexion palette with these colors, obtaining 3 lights and three shadows
After giving lights and shadows I first switched to blending, then later I prepared a palette with the lights, the shadows, the base, more separately 70965,71085,70960,70950
With a dilution of about 80/90% with demineralized water
With these colors I continued blending and glazing until I got the result I was looking for.
Same goes for the paneggi first airbrush then after obtaining a palette of 3 lights and three shadows
As always I did light and shadow and then blending.
For metals, on the other hand, I first gave a base of exhausted jet then I got 2 lights and 2 shadows
But in this case I didn’t do blending, I prepared a palette of inks
Andrea, vallejo, and scale75
Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown, Red, Green, very diluted and I started to give a chromatic variety to metals

Ufficiale di cavalleria Romana


Jhiari Antonio Pala 

Work Time 

About 3 months


Young Miniatures




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