This is the Tamiya 1/12 Tyrrell P34 with photo etch parts.I wanted to build this kit with as much detail as I could possibly fit in. I used some of the kits photo etched parts and some parts from Acu. Stion full detail set. I added as much plumbing and wiring as I could find reference photos to back it up. I used Gravity colors Tyrell P34 Blue and Mr.Hobby super clear gloss over that. The racing harness is bolted to the tub so when the seat is removed that detail stays behind. I also used bits and pieces from Top studio and MFH. Also the Chrome roll bar was stripped of the kit finish and repainted with alclad Chrome . All four corners have aluminum coil overs from Acu.Stion.

Tyrrell P34 76″


Christopher Pusateri 

Work Time 

About 5 months   400/450 hours


Tyrrell P34 Tamiya Kit




Racing Static Modeling


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