This is my diorama I’ve been working on. Still not completely finished but it’s presentable. It’s focused around an AMT 1/25 truck model kit, the base and scenery around it is all scratch built. I’ll have to send jpgs from my computer when i’m home but here’s what I got
Taken me about a month so far. Originally tried just sculpting the foam for the base with a hot knife but it looked horrible so tried air dry clay but it cracked to pieces so had to resort to sculptamold.
Wire armature tree… built the crates out of flat tooth picks, made the apples from red beads. Hit them with some dull coat and used wire to make stems
Standard woodland scenics product for the turf and tree

Truck and pumpkins


Lane Muropa

Work Time 

About a month WIP


AMT 1/25 truck model kit




Static Modeling


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