Hi! Im Sully from Sully’s Scale Models and this is my Italeri 1/9 scale Triumph 3HW motorbike which I decided to make as a RAF dispatch riders bike. For such a simple subject it was quite a bit of work to clean it all up. There was a lot of steps in the model and it was just a general miss alined mould. However, I already planned to weather this model so in the end it would hide all of this. Although I did decide to remake the front mudguards and rear bracket out of copper wire I knew I would end up braking it trying to get a massive step out of it and although its easier to just make a new one! The RAF scheme I used was Ammo’s French blue with a spot of black to get it close the RAF blue and found some odd decals i had lying about!(not loosely based on a actual bikes)The kit also came with a riders helmet and Sten I didn’t have much to do to these but drill the Stens barrel and add some texture to the helmet but stippling Tamiya extra thin. The mid weathering was achieved using Ammo’s mud weathering set. I loaded up a brush and by blasting air from my airbrush it managed to create the splattered effect. Model took about 4days in total

Triumph 3HW


Sully’s scale models

Work Time 

4 days


Triumph 3HW Italeri kit 




Static modeling 



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