The witch: The Day of the Dead is a very enthusiastically celebrated festivity in my country: Mexico, and for this reason there are countless popular songs that pay homage to the tradition. One of those songs is the huapango Jarocho de la BRUJA or the “witch” which tells the story and shows the folklore of how in this country we perceive these feminine entities, which are women of great beauty who deceive and seduce men and womans. his victims luring them with gifts or impossible promises to later show his true face. The next thing they do is kidnap the innocent to take them to the mountains and there, once they have consumed their life force, they turn them into pumpkins or pots. At least that’s what they say in Veracruz Mexico where this popular song originates from. Based on said Huapango, I was inspired to make this composition, based on a bust of the Karol Rudyk brand. I wanted to give her a Day of the Dead touch by painting her catrina “mask”, making reference to the art of sugar skulls. The cat is completely inspired by my cat: “Lettuce”, since putting a black cat seemed very trite to me and here in Mexico it is said that witches adopt cats of any color, not just dark ones The base is full of pumpkins of different sizes and several empty and old pots which have engraved the name of each victim mentioned in the song Adela, Pepa, Joba, Juan etc. All sculpted by me in epoxy clay and entangled with grass and branches. I hope you like this work which I try to fill with the essence of my favorite holiday. And don’t be afraid to come to Mexico, especially during the Day of the Dead, I assure you that witches don’t really like to come down from the mountains anymore.

The Witch


Alex Leipzing

Project Duration

About 2 weeks 


Brand Karol rudyk art Bust: the black mother 




Figures and miniatures 


Used paints Vallejo, Andrea AND the army painter acrylics