The Swedish Archer Artillery System
In a war, a highly mobile and precise artillery system is of utmost importance on any battlefield.
The Archer is such a system.
The initial deployment time and the redeployment times are less than 30 seconds which means that the Archer can fire several 155mm GPS-guided rounds and be on its way before the Archer’s guided shells hit the targets.
Such mobility makes the Archer very difficult for any adversary to detect.
The vehicle can reach road speeds of up to 90 km per hour (56 mph) and is capable of traversing snow up to a depth of one meter (3.3 ft).
The range of the gun is more than 50 km (31 mi).
The diorama shows an Archer firing a 155mm artillery shell.
The scale of the model is 1:72
For those who are interested, Sweden has (so far) donated eight Archer systems to Ukraine.

The Swedish Archer Artillery System


Bjorn Jacobsen 

Work Time 

About 6 weeks


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Static Modeling 


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