The project called “The sculptor’s workshop” was built entirely from scratch in 1/24 scale. It was a project without prior planning. I simply started with the preparation of the substrate and the walls and in the process came the idea of ​​building a sculptor’s workshop. It took me about 1 week to complete this job, but the actual time was 15-20 hours. The base and walls are in expanded PVC, on which I applied a thin layer of putty. Then the whole thing was smoothed with sandpaper and painted. To get an interesting effect, I first moistened the surface with water and then painted it with a very diluted Vallejo Model Color 104 Stone Gray paint. After drying, dry pigments were applied. The wooden elements (wall, roof, table, stool, etc.) were made of 1.5 mm balsa. I used a wire brush to structure the boards. The plates were colored brown-black. The mesh window was made of plastruct plastic profiles and painted in brown, brown orange and rust. I also applied the steel-colored paint with a sponge. The graphics on the walls are painted, then stained with dry pigments. I stained some spots by applying the tea essence. The figures were made of plaster and putty and sculpted with dental tools and then smoothed with sandpaper.

“The sculptor’s workshop”


Marcin Dobrzyniecki

Work Time 

About 1 week 


Scrachtbuilt model




Static Diorama Modeling


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