1/16 The Monster from Death Race 2000 Completed on 30 March 2021. The star vehicle from the ridiculously violent cult movie “Death Race 2000” of Roger Corman production. Since the prop car was modified from the car called Shala-vette, VW Beetle covered with a Corvette-like exterior, I modified the 1/16 Shala-vette kit from Monogram. I scratched the dorsal fin, tusks and windshield, shifted the seat 20mm backwards, and made the prototype of the tires and wheels then copied with resin. The unique scale paintings were masked off to give a shape and then blurred with a freehand airbrush. It is possible to make it more shiny, but too shiny surface will look different from the prop car, so after clear coat, I stroked it with sanding sponge 1200 to make scratches.

The Monster from Death Race 


Katsuya Akitomo

Work Time 

About a month


Modified the Shala-vette kit from Monogram




Static Modeling


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