“The Kraken”
For those who are not from the Nordic countries and thus probably unknown of this creature, I can tell you that Kraken is a legendary sea monster of enormous size, etymologically akin to a giant octopus. Kraken originated in the cold sea between Norway and Iceland a long time ago.
Unfortunately, reports say that its offspring have migrated to other parts of the sea, so you might find it off your coast as well. The people in Trinidad and Tobago discovered a Kraken and made the Kraken Rom to its honor!
Why Kraken, in his natural place of residence, preferred to devore fishing boats and whaling ships (as in this case) is a mystery to me, they can’t possibly taste good, a real fat whale must be far more juicy!
The scale of the Kraken and the doomed whaler in the diorama is 1:350

“The Kraken”


Bjorn Jacobsen 

Work Time 

About 60 hours


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Static Modeling


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