This is M Razali Ahmad’s Winning Model entry to get the “Best Airfix Model” award, a 1/72 Scale Diorama of Airfix Avro Lancaster B.111 (Special) THE DAMBUSTERS. This model participated in the “Airfix model of aircraft and related to Operation Chastise of 17th May 1943”. This is for the 80th anniversary of the Dambuster’s raid. The basic Airfix 1/72 Scale Lancaster model is used. I only added the spinning prop effect using a blurred propeller image printed on a clear decal and stuck on a clear acrylic sheet. The base diorama I used the thin compressed foam to form the Base and the curved Dam section. Water effect are added using white wood putty and the liquid model water 💧 as the final effect for waves. Water splash are added using thin plastic Tamiya Plaplate sheets with the dropping rolling bomb jbounced of the splashes are added at the aft section to get the reverse spinning bomb release effect on the water. Tamiya colors are used for all the finishing.

The Dambusters


M Razali Ahmad 

Work Time 

About 4 weeks 


Airfix Avro Lancaster B.111 (Special) 




Static Modeling


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