This is the Italeri DUKW with the Verlinden update set, and lots of accessories out of my spare box.  The DUKW was painted using Tamiya and weathered with Oils and Pigments. I had to learn to crochet to make rope bumper guards, the kits plastic ones just didn’t do any justice. The figures are a mixture of Verlinden, Warrior, Custom Dioramics, Royal Models and Nemrod. The figures were painted using Artist oils for the skin and a mixture of Vallejo, Games Workshop Acrylic colors for the uniforms and other material. The water was made ​​with Envirotex, covered by several thin layers of Artist Acrylic Gel, to simulate the waves.  I placed a small amount of Olive Drab into the Envirotex to simulate a little stirred up dirt, followed by several different layers and colors of paint with the airbrush. The white caps were made with Tamiya White.  After everything was dry, I placed several coats of Future on top of it to get a shiny affect.   

 Andy Glessner 

Super Sixth Crossing the Saar 


Andy Glessner

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DUKW Italeri




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