Kit bronco 1:35 /aluminum barrel / friul tracks / can travel / elements in scratch. completion time 15 days . The ISU-152 was a self-propelled gun of the Soviet Union during World War II. A variant of the SU-152, it was mounted on a JS-2 chassis rather than a KV-1, resulting in improved armor. It was also used as a tank destroyer. Its role was to support the attacking troops from a distance. He had to silence all forms of enemy entrenchments such as bunkers or points of support. The power of the explosive shell of nearly 40 kg from its 152 mm ML 20 gun made it a formidable vehicle. In the event of an encounter with an enemy tank, a single shot would have been enough to knock out the target, because the shock wave resulting from the impact would have quickly knocked out the crew, although their armor-piercing shell did not ‘has only a low anti-tank value.

Russian SU-152  


Allan Jeanbille 

Work Time 

About 15 days


Bronco kit Russian self-propelled gun SU-152




Military Static Modeling


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