Name: STURMGESCHÜZ IV, Assault Gun, Initial Model, 1122th Assault Battalion, 122nd Infantry Division, Finland, Autumn 1944

The Model: Details: Old Tamiya 1970’s kit with numerous fixes, made some 30 years ago when there was no extras and the reference was thin on the ground. The supports of the structure of the side armor skirts was made of brass. Handles were replaced with copper wire. All hinges, tools and equipment, their latches and clamps were replaced with scratch items, thinned edges of the fenders, new bases for the antennae, spare tracks fixed by opening indents near side ends and replacing some tooth with open ones in some links. Track extensions were all made one by one with hard metal sheet and added to the links (glued to the rubber tracks with contact glue!). Several rivets, periscopes and lamp cable have been made and added. All hatches are detailed from the inside and are functional. Zimmerit made with soldering iron, etc. Painting: Painted only with Humbrol paints by brush. Some effects and scratches were done with oils and some of the old dry brush. Dust and dirt all over the vehicle (colour gradation), especially on the side skirts were made with a special dry brush technique with Humbrol paints. Various effects of dirt, dust and oxides with pastels. National insignia and numbers were hand-painted (with a very firm hand…).

Sturmgeschuz IV


Luis Alho 

Work Time 

About 5 weeks


Tamiya Sturmgeschuz IV Old Kit




WW2 Military Static Modeling


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