Took me round about a week Kit is Thunder Models Case Vai Tractor 1:35 scale I started this little project in summer 2019 after my holidays in the alps, full of impressions from mother nature. I wanted to show an abandoned tractor still waiting for it’s repair which will probably never happen. I tried to give the tractor a really used look with lot of rust, chipped color and flat tires. The abandoned tools are a gorgeous laser cut kit from Yenmodels. The car jack is scratch build from styrene and brass. It was my 3rd Thunder Model Case tractor and I have to say that I really love this kit. Plants are from Noch, Silhouette Modellbahnzubehör, Fredericus-Rex and AMMO by Mig Jimenez.

Still waiting for repair 


Moritz Fentzahn

Work Time 

About a week 


Thunder Models Case Vai Tractor 




Static civil modeling


Items of Yenmodels , Noch, Silhouette Modellbahnzubehör, Fredericus-Rex and Ammo Mig.