This is a small diorama that represents a Star Destroyer and the Jedha City from the Star Wars movie Rogue One. The Star Destroyer model is from Bandai, scale is 1/14500, very tiny but very detailed. The Jedha City is a resin kit from JPG Production, which is designed to become a fancy base for the Bandai 1/14500 Star Destroyer. Assembling the Star Destroyer is very easy, and the fitting is very good. I airbrushed two colors on the ship, then washed with oil paints. Last step was using a pencil to draw the panel lines. These steps made the surface of the Star Destroyer look more detailed. As to the resin Jedha City, even though it has many tiny buildings, I still added many various buildings by styrene sheet, styrene rod, and car parts. Just tried to make the city more crowded with different shape buildings. Then painted with different colors. Besides the Star Destroyer and Jedha City, I think it is important to show the mountain under the city, adding the mountain would show a whole picture for this small diorama. Therefore, I sculpted the mountain with Super Sculpey, and added vinyl spackling for the desert. Using acrylic paints to paint the mountain and desert, finished this interesting diorama. It was really fun to build such small scale models.

Star Wars Jedha City


Anzo Lee


About 1 month


Bandai Star Wars Star Destroyer & JPG Productions City of Jedha




Static Sci-fi modeling


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