A few years ago, while assisting to a model show and contest, I got a plastic kit of a stagecoach scale 1/48. I kept it stored for a few months until I decided to try something different to take a break from an intrincate ship model I was building at that time. I got the kit ready to build but then I told to myself I could try to build the model in wood from scratch, so I found some plans online, hundred of pictures, and what started as a side work ended in a passion for carriage construction, so now I split my time in between ships and carriages. For this particular model I used the plans of the Abbot Downing stagecoach but as this was a fictional model I made some changes to kind of experiment a little bit, and this is the result. The model was built mainly from cedar and basswood, and I also used some reinforced paper to create a faux leather finish for some parts of the model. The stagecoach is hand painted with acrylic paints, and I am not a good painter but I did my best. And believe it or not, the most complicate part for me was the undercarriage, mainly because of the wheels.To get one finished I usually broke two or three, but I really enjoyed the final result, and although I have built several more models, I still keep this one, the first and dearest.And I really hope you enjoy the model the same way I do.



Rafael Morales

Work Time 

About  3  month


Scratchbuilt model , old west Horsedrawn carriage




Static modeling


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