This is my Original 1/700 Scale Scratchbuilt ship of the SS Atlantic Conveyor I started this model with the forming the sandwiched Balsa wood stack for the main Hull. Then I heat-stretched the Tamiya Plaplates Plastic sheel to form the Hull “shells”. The Deck and the Bridge also uses the Plaplate plastic sheets. Propeller, deck fittings and mast come from the spare box. The paint is finished in Tamiya colors. History : The SS Atlantic Conveyor was requisition during the Falklands( the Malvinas) War used to carry supplies for the Royal Navy Task Force sent by the British government to retake the Falkland Islands from Argentine. However, 2 Exocets missiles struck Atlantic Conveyor on the port quarter, sinking the ship.

SS Atlantic Conveyor


M Razali Ahmad

Work Time 

About 4 weeks


Scratchbuilt model 




Static Modeling


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