The original model is the Sigismund from Forge World, champion of the Imperial Fist and founder of the Black Templars in the lore Games workshop.This is an order for a friend, who wanted battle damage….For information, I didn’t like this figure, I don’t like to do yellow and the base is very messy and poorly made. It does not highlight the figurine.In spite of everything, with the direction of changing the test, with a feathered helmet it gives a little more performance overall.It is a great lavoro sui metalli e sui pigmenti sula base, ma qui non si vede bene sulle foto.For the armour, as I don’t like to work with yellow, I started to wash my gradient in light beige, then I applied a yellow glaze before resuming my highlights.The longest work is the battles damage: I first apply my undercoat, then the traces in dark brown (never in black!!!) And I make my shades with these battles damages. So it’s much longer.
This is a figurine to play, so we are not at the competition level. It’s just a good tabletop.

Sigismund imperial fist champion


Axel de Mohrenschildt

Work Time 

About 2 weeks


The original model is the Sigismund from Forge World


28 mm 


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