The office: I built this about 10 years ago using base wood and evergreen plastic bars. Each board was stained separately to make them have a variety of shades. The inside walls were stained a lighter color than the outside to give the outside a weathered look. The inside and out side walls are separated by about an 1/8th of an inch to be able to run the wires for the doll house lighting I used. The wire for the hanging lights is run through holes drilled in the beams. Each shingle was cut and placed separately. The signage is hand painted. The jail cell is plastic rod cut to length and ran through holes drilled into the plastic bars. The bunk beds are made from base wood with the mattresses made from clay and covered with tissue soak in watered down elmers glue. The blankets, pillows and clothing hanging on the bed are also made from tissue. The books, book shelves and gun rack are made from base wood the picture of Lincoln and the wanted poster are photocopies reduced to size. The desk, chair, potbelly stove and guns in the gun rack are all from Andrea Miniatures. Door hinges and door handled are from doll house miniatures. All doors and jail cells open and close. Glass in the window are from plastic inserts that the cleaners placed in the collars of my dress shirts.The figures are all from Andrea Miniatures with the exception of the prisoner. He is converted from a figure from ESCI’s German rest camp. I carved off his coat added the buttons and suspenders. His left boot was carved down to represent a sock. I did carve out one toe to make a hole in his sock. The boot by it self is from another figure from the same kit which I drilled out. I used model master enamels paints flesh tones and clothing and will not bother disclosing which colors I used as they don’t make then anymore. Artist: Bill Hessling (Regimental Miniatures)

Sheriffs office 


Bill Hessling

Work Time 

a few weeks 


Scratch-built office , Andrea Miniatures 


54mm or 1:32 scale 




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