It was inspired by the movie Jaws and the novel Meg. This, which looks like a white shark, is not actually a white shark. It is a megalodone figure and is a product of PNSO cut and repainted. It is 16*6*9 cm (L*W*H). Size is very important for resin work, and if it is larger than this, the probability of failure is very high due to the heat generated during curing. Resin used Chinese EZ resin. It will be difficult to purchase this resin on eBay or Amazon. Female diver is the products of the tori factory. The bubbles around the diver and megalodone added a small amount of cotton to create an effect. To give you a tip, if you want to produce such a diorama, you have to work in the winter when the temperature is low. The volume of the resin is important, but the size and shape of the frame are very important. If you want to make something, you have to first figure out the optimized size and shape to control the heat of the resin.

Shark Diving Tour


Won-hui Lee 

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It is a megalodone figure and is a product of PNSO cut and repainted- Tori Factory




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