Model: Senju Tobirama from Naruto Series Changes made: Mixture of glue, toilet paper, cotton to give a foam effect on the water. Replaced the original kunai weapon to a sword. I broke the kunai while making details and go frustrating trying to create a new one so i made a sword. Adding combat elements such as ninja stars being thrown at the character missing him along with a shaft imbedded in the terrain to show a field of battle. Used real dirt and rocks to create the base of the model instead of leaving it blank. Used tamiya panel lining on the face, neck, fingers, hair, feet, clothing, and armor to bring out the details more.

“Senju Tobirama”


David Restrepo 

Work Time 

About 2 weeks 


Naruto Shippuden Tobirama Senju Scale Statue




Action Figures 


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