Semovente M40 – Gold Medal BSMC 2019

This is a step by step article about the Semovente M40 how own me a Gold medal, in Masters category, at the BSMC 2019 event in June

During a conversation with my friend Paul Hernandez came the idea of mounting a Semovente M40, an Italian self-propelled gun who was deployed for the North Africa campaign in January 1942.
The kit shows one of those assigned to the 5th Semovente Gruppo and who fought at Bir Hakeim, Libya in May of 1942

The kit:
Italian Self-propelled Gun M40-75/18
Manufacturer: ITALAEREI (Now ITALERI)
Scale: 1:35
Kit type: Plastic injection moulded
Kit number: 214

Friul model Metal Tracks, Ref: ATL-18
RB Model metal barrel, Ref: 35B103
Model Victoria PE/Resin set, Ref: 4042

Alpine miniatures figures set, Refs: 35124
Model Victoria figures, Refs: 4001, 40109 with Alpine miniatures heads

Building the kit
As there is not much kits choice Paul told me that he had, in his reserve, an old “Italaerei” box of 1973!
I quickly noticed that the kit, although of good quality, needed a few upgrade sets.
After some research I found a highly detailed set of Model Victoria brand. Indeed, this set offers, in resin and photo etched, a detailed interior and all the superstructure! It means that, with addition of metal tracks and barrel, only the bottom part remains from the original kit. During assembly, the biggest challenge was determining which parts should be mounted and painted before final assembly. Here we can clearly see the different parts of the kit before the painting phase with, in beige plastic, what is left of the original kit, let’s say, not much. The rest is resin and comes from the Model Victoria set or metal (sprockets, tracks and barrel) from Friul and RB Model.The base paint was done on each separate element with white for interior parts and sand yellow for the rest. Based on some documents found on the net I managed the interior of the tank and weathered it with oil and pigments The aim is to finish the interior and put all parts together before further painting the exterior. Lower part of the Semovente is completely weathered with a mix of mud and light earth pigments before the wheels and tracks are placed and weathered as well with acrylic wash and light earth pigments. Here after the tank after applying dark brown wash in all the engravings and before tuning the details. Some details are added (spear tracks, antenna, etc.) and the kit is almost done. To put the kit in value I opted for a simple staging in a desert and rocky scenery with some figurines from Alpine miniatures and Model Victoria figures.The base was made with 2mm thick plastic card and the reliefs with foam and plaster. Very fine sand was applied using white glue and, after applying a very light sand color, I added some rubbles and stones.
To bring some nuances I added pigments and some tufts of greenery.


Semovente M40


Gaishi Shosuro

Work Time 

About 3 weeks


Italian Self-propelled Gun M40-75/18 ITALERI Kit 




Static Modeling


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