The making of the model ship Santa Ana. The Scale of the model is 1:84 and it belongs at the Elite series of Artesania Latina.The time i needed to make this model was approximately 8 and a half months with hundreds of working hours. The cost was approximately 1200-1300 euros (with the display case). The model alone was 730 euros on 2013. The varnish is gloss by choice because it “brings out” the wood, it’s more easy to clean ,you cannot have any white spots and it looks better. You can see this as my trademark! To answer a typical question, yes it will probably float ,but you will never put it in water. The model has been discontinued by Artesania Latina, i believe it was due it’s high price. You can find it only in a shop that has stock. Until today this model is the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult model i ever made. The music is the Waltz “Blue Danude” by Johann Strauss. When i uploaded the video i couldn’t find a way to insert more music tracks. Now i have found a way ,but to do that i must delete the video and upload it again, this means that i will loose all the views and comments, so i won’t do it.

Santa Ana


John Aliprantis 


8 months 


Santa Ana Artesania Latina 




Static Modeling


Humbrol paints n° 16/21/22/110 , wood putty water based