The making of the model ship San Juan Nepomuceno. The Scale of the model is 1:90 and it belongs at the Elite series of Artesania Latina.The time i needed to make this model was approximately 4 months with hundreds of working hours. The cost was approximately 400 euros (without the display case). The varnish is gloss by choice because it “brings out” the wood, it’s more easy to clean ,you cannot have any white spots and it looks better. You can see this as my trademark! To answer a typical question, yes it will probably float ,but you will never put it in water. This video comes in 4K and has 2 sequential parts, the 1st part is a photo montage of every step of the making and the 2nd part is a plain video showing the finished model. Also the model has a few additions by me : 1) i placed railings, 2) the cannons are painted gun metal, 3) the officers quarters are painted with 2 shades of gold ,black and light blue 4) the gun ports are opened in slightly different positions (you can see my other video explaining why) 5) the cannon bodies have metallic hooks on the top 6) the cannons are tied to the deck 7) at the lamp i added a yellow glass. Enjoy!

San Juan Nepomuceno 


John Aliprantis 


 4 months


San Juan Nepomuceno Artesania Latina 




Static Modeling


Humbrol paints n° 47/21/110/22/16/171/53