Here is as requested some details and photos on this model.
First of all the model used is from Moebius, I eliminated the moldings located at the bottom of the truck.
I modified the suspension by raising it to be able to enlarge the tires.
I perforated in a few places the bodywork to start the basics for rust to then paint everything in the colors chosen. i rusted with the products of AK interactive and vallejo pigments.
Here is a small list of the products I have used?
-wheels from scene unlimited
-the beer cans from AK interactive
-the parts in the pickup box are from my printer and scratch.
-the rust products are from AK interactive and the number of hours for the production more or less 40 hours

Rusty Ford truck 72


Jacques Prince

Work Time 

About 40 hours


Ford truck 72 Moebius Kit




Static Modeling


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