I thought the Riich offering of the Skoda built version of the RSO designed by Ferdinand Porsche a very intriguing model. However after seeing the Capricorn Book on the subject I wanted to go it all one better by modeling the early first prototype rather than the production vehicle. The major alterations would involve drilling out those four large wheels, moving the air cleaner to the right fender and building the differing differing tool boxes and cab steps.

THOSE WHEELS: Making those wheels involved first drilling a tiny hole in the center hub. Then taking a compass and scribing a circle that would give me what would become the circular centerline for the eight holes yet to come. Plotting the location of the holes located at 3, 6, 9 & 12 o’clock was fairly easy but subdividing that arc to locate the holes in between took some fairly patient eyeballing. The day I drilled those 32 holes was certainly a bit of a white knuckle moment. You would have it easy these days as after market resin wheels are now available in several styles. I (as always) had to add a few details missing from the model; such as the forward engine mount cross member, a more accurate structure for the band brakes at each wheel, additional framing for the gas tank and the cab floor, a gas tank heat shield and additional cab details.




Riich Skoda RSO


Mike Koenig

Work Time 

About 1 month


I built my trailer by chopping up a Italeri Opel Blitz Truck frame and using the loadbox direct from the kit.




Static modeling


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