The kit is from the Chinese Bronco Models who pleasantly surprised me both for the excellent quality of the gray plastic molding and for the numerous very detailed and precise components, so I had no problem assembling everything even for the clear and concise instructions in the relative booklet, consisting of 14 pages.
After applying the Vallejo black primer, I painted using Tamiya acrylics, then washing and wearing.
I lightly camouflaged the launch pad with white that I applied with MIG’s Washable White Camo which, once dry, I started to remove with a wet brush of water, blending it in order to create that typical camouflage given summarily and with little paint.

The diorama
From a building insulation panel of extruded polystyrene, I obtained a 36x25x3 cm base on which I placed a model railway rock and some pieces of the same polystyrene, previously shaped and glued together, to form a scenic space in different areas.
So I first applied a few layers of DAS in an irregular way to simulate the course of the ground, then, once dry, I spread the Abbiati Wargames acrylic paste Terra over the entire surface, mixing and texturing two products of different shades.
Subsequently, I placed four tall silver firs, a realistic realization of the world in miniature, adding some stumps, felled tree trunks, branches and small amounts of undergrowth, completely natural.
Using a fine weave colander I sprinkled artificial snow from Woodland Scenics, fixing it at the same time with hair spray; then I simulated the effect of ice and snow pressed by the passage of vehicles and men with the Vallejo brilliant acrylic gel.
A couple of puddles of water completed the scenario, made with the ultraviolet water effect resin of Green Stuff World and with the use of the relative mini UV torch.



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German Rheinmetall Long-Range Rocket and Launcher- Bronco kit 




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