My choice for the 35+26 of AG52 from 1991 meant that the Norm. 83 for the camouflage scheme was used. Norm. 83 consist of three main camouflage colours; Tank Grey (MRP-034 RAL7021/FS34086), Olive green (MRP-035 RAL6003) and Field Green (MRP-101 FS34079). Although the kit has many flaws, I counted over twenty relevant omissions and mistakes, and in the end, it turned out a nice model of reasonable quality.

Except for the Revell kit itself, made several adjustments to this Recce configuration, like the open camera bay in the nose section, and the visible photo flash cartridge containers in the aft fuselage compartment. Furthermore I cut the fixed trailing- and leading edge flaps and ailerons from the inner wing sections and fitted them in an extended position.

Cockpit details are partly scratch and two Eduard 1/32 Martin Baker Mk. H7 ejection seats (Brassin kit #632002) are installed instead of the supplied kit seats.

Big fun to build this massive Phantom beast.

Hans Spruijt

RF-4E Phantom Tiger


Hans Spruijt

Work Time 

About 2 months 


Revell box #04798 RF-4E Phantom Tiger Tail of the AKG52.




Static Modeling


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