Fujimi 1/24 Porsche 917K Happy modeling, It is the third time made a model sports car. Because this box of model was give me by my friend, so i want to finish it well , This time I don’t know much about this sports car models , and I have always been making fighter models , i also want to learn more about the practice of sports car models because of this opportunity . Because fighter models have always been dirty , little time make the chance to be flashing clean . this model kit very good , but the car cookpit not more details . this time , use for UV glue make about dashboard of glass , use for talcum powder change the racing chair condition , the body color use GUNZE 323 light blue , but feeling 323 this light blue so blue , so i get little white color inside change to more light color . Protective paint use for AK 895 and MAD MODEL’s product of water-based polishing liquid . 




Porsche 917K 


William Tang 

Work Time 

Enough time 


Porsche 917K Fujimi Kit 




Static Racing Modeling


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