It took about 2 years to reconstruct all the details. So I went to Munster, a german tank museum, to take some nice pictures from the original tiger 2.
The brand is bigtanks. It is fully rc with good quality rc components. Baier Elektronik, SGS Elektronik
All the renewed details are self-produced. CNC machined or 3D printed. Some parts are made of metal, such as the fenders. Many brasses work too.
Bigtanks just came out of the box.
The turret number is 101. Heavy battalion SS
The turret roof, as well as the engine deck, is completely new designed with self-built parts. All welding lines are made with apoxie sculpt.
Airbrushed with tamiya / mig colors. I think it took about a week.
Aging is still ongoing. Waiting for the Aceton order.

Panzer VI Tiger II R/C 


Alexander Luger 

Work Time 

About 2 years 


RC/ Kit 




RC Modeling


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