Republic P-47D-23-RA Thunderbolt MSN 1546, Razorback canopy of Major. William D. Dunham of the 460 th fighter squadron, 348 th fighter group, Phillippines, December 1944. 1:48 scale hasegawa kit P-47D rasorback 3 weekends to complete the kit the paint use alcad aluminum gray / olive green mr hobby use of plastic card static airplane model.
The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was one of the main American fighters of World War II. It was even the most produced American fighter aircraft during the conflict with 15,660 units built [3]. American pilots nicknamed it The Jug because of its stocky shape reminiscent of a pitcher or jug ​​(stubby jug-like [4]). Its mass (it was the largest single-engine propeller fighter of its time) and its radial engine less vulnerable in combat allowed it to be used as a fighter-bomber. Despite its performance as a leading fighter, it quickly ceded its role of escort in Europe to the P-51 Mustang which, when fitted with the Merlin engine (built by Packard under license from Rolls-Royce), had a sufficient range to follow American bombers all over German territory.

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt


Allan Jeanbille 

Project Duration

About 1 year 


Hasegawa P-47D 




Static airplane modeling


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