Time to share my most recent model. This diorama depicts Otowi Bridge in northern New Mexico on the Santa Fe Branch of the D&RGW railroad in 1941, mostly scratch-built in 1/300 scale. The locomotive is a class K-36 and is mostly scratch built. All of the freight cars and caboose are scratch built from wood and brass. The bridge was a very difficult project as I had to completely re-draw the plans using only the published dimensions and photographs. I had done this a couple of years ago when I built this bridge in N scale (1/160), so it only required some maths to scale it down by about half. The track was hand-laid with the rails being spaced at 3mm. Everything was airbrushed using ScaleColors of course.
The locomotive frame and the trucks were 3D printed by CCE Models as I’d originally intended for this train to operate on a larger layout, so yes indeed it does run! I’m quite proud of this fact. I’ve decided to put my model railroad energy into my large Nn3 layout, so this project will just be a diorama, I have no plans to expand on it anymore.

Otowi Bridge


Joseph Levander 

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The locomotive is a class K-36 and is mostly scratch built




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