This is the Z scale layout I’m building right now. It is a W.I.P shot (attached) and depict the southern Brazil, with its peculiar vegetation, including the “araucaria” tree, a kind of pine tree only found in Brazil.

 It’s 100×60 centimeters, with a simple “8 figure” tracking, with a single turnout just to park some rolling stock. The main objective of this layout is to watch the train run, not manuevers.

 The buildings are all european kits, mostly faller and marklin, converted to a brazilian look. The station is a laser cut cardboard kit of myself, depicting a regular small brazilian country side station.

 The iron bridge is Marklin and the trestle over the canion is a laser cut kit of myself.

 All the layout is built over polystyrene foam and the track is from Micro-Trains, with a Marklin turnout.

 The grass is static grass from Woodland Scenics and the trees are all hand made, mainly using natural little branches and Woodland Scenics fine turfs.

 The rocks are sculpted expanded polystyrene.

 The water was made of Woodland Scenics “Water Effects” and “Realistic Water”

Orient express model railway  


Alex Leao 

Work Time 





Z 1:220


Railway modeling 


Details: Marklin, Micro-Trains, Faller and Woodland scenics items