Since child I have been fascinated by trains and ferries. From around 2005 I started building a Märklin H0 scale layout at home. In 2014 i started building a replica of The Danish railway ferry “Kong Frederik IX”. My first scratch build ever. It took me four years to complete. The problem now was, that the ferry did’nt fit my layout. A lot of thinking went on, and at the end, I decided to take down my layout, and start up building modules instead. Building modules have The advantage that I dont have to build everything at once, but can build one module at a time. Or that was what I thougt! The plan was and is, to build a small and customized version of The Danish terminal “Nyborg Færgehavn”. The project started when The ferry was finished in the spring 2018. As a start I did’nt plan much electronic parts, since building landscape and scenery is what I like The most. But plans do chance, and a friend of mine convinced med to build signals and all you would see in The real world as Well. So no electronics ended up with over 60 signals over 80 servos controlled by more Then 150 Arduino Nanos. So much for The “no electronics” part. Now 2 1/2 years into The build, most of The Electronics is up and running. Now I Can start building what I really enjoy. I also started another ferry build. This time its “Dronning Ingrid” she has to sit next to “Kong Frederik IX” in The terminal. My layout is 11 meter x 2,4 meter. For the build I use all materials at hand. Brass, Styren, wood, dirt, sand, glue, paint and so on. For painting buildings and models I only use Vallejo Modelcolor or Modelair when airbrushing. I have my own page on Facebook which I often Update with The latest progress. The page is in Danish, but pictures tell more Then words.

Nyborg Færgehavn


Morten Vestero

Work Time 

About 4 Years


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H0 1:87


Railway modeling 


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