My model railway is an HO (1:87) scale proto-freelanced version of the Nevada Northern Railway. It is 4′ x 6′-6″ layout that sits on a custom built table. On one side of the layout is the town of East Ely with its iconic depot, while on the other is the Star Pointer mine near Ruth, Nevada. It is set in the 1930 to 1950 era and features steam locomotives from a few different manufacturers. The station was custom made for me by and will soon be accompanied by the transportation building that sits adjacent to the real thing. The Star Pointer mine is a mix of a kit by Grandt Line products and a few scratch built structures. This layout started construction in June 2017 and will soon be torn down to make way for the Nevada Northern Model Railway Version 2. There are two moments that I am most proud of in regards to the layout: The station and the model of locomotive 40 have been featured on the actual Nevada Northern Railway’s Facebook page, some run-bys of the models were recently included in an independent film that will soon be released on Amazon.

Nevada Northern Railway


Nick O’Dell

Work Time 

About 3 years 


There were various kits (Grandt Line, Athearn, Accurail, Life-Like, Walthers) and some scratch building using bass and balsa woods.


HO 1:87


Railway modeling 


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