I bought a Tamiya 1/48th scale A62M Zero at a model show for $10. I had always wanted to do an abandoned aircraft diorama, so I figured for that price, it was time to try it. It was quite an involved process to get the finish that I wanted. 1. First build the basic kit, cutting it apart in various places, and adding spars of plastic rods to simulate the framework. 2. Spray silver to represent original aluminium finish. 3. Spray with varnish to protect that layer. 4. Spray with hairspray. 5. Spray red brown color as it was before the camouflage was added in the factory. 6. Use a stiff brush with water, dissolving the hairspray and making it look worn. 7. Spray green and make mottled to look worn. 8. Another hairspray layer 9. Hand paint markings. 10. Next stage, stiff brush and water again, to reveal both the silver and red brown layers. 11. Then using artist’s oil paints, make it look REALLY weathered and abandoned! The project took 2 weeks to complete, I don’t have much time available, so when I’m away from my bench I do a lot of pre-planning. That way, when I get the chance to work on projects, there is no wasted time. The jungle base took 2 days to build. I named the project ‘Missing in Action’.

‘Missing in Action’


Martin Drayton

Work Time 

About 2 weeks 


Tamiya 1/48th scale A62M Zero




Military Static Modeling


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