It took me 2 years to complete and was the most demanding build I ever carried on. First because, you know… Well… Kittyhawk. So lots of lacks, inacuracies, versions mix mash. And because I wanted to reach a high level of details and accuracy. Most of corrections are done using fabulous 3d printing technology. Most of parts are printed on an Phrozen sonic mini 4k. -5 cockpit is from Renaissance while 2000D has a new 3d designed bathtub by friend. On wich I glued very nice Quinta set. Paints are AKRC on the -5. Mr hobby H range on the 2000D. All thinner with MLT. VMS flat/ satin varnish and oil Weathering. Figures are little gems from Reedoak

Mirage 2000D & 2000-5


Romain Flechon

Project Duration

About 2 years 


Kittyhawk Kits 




Static Airplane Modeling


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