Duration of work approx. 1 month; building, thinking, make mistakes / correcting, priming, plan the kit in parts, and a LOT of thinking about how to get it look most realistic. That is why I held back on the rust and heavy weathering. It was deployed late 1944 in the european theatre, so the extent of weathering had to be limited. I have looked at a ton of images online to get a good overview of the vehicle. Kit: AFV Club M16 / Self-Propelled anti-aircraft gun / scale: 1/35. Rather complex kit, thin plastic so a lot of care was needed, this kit is not for the beginner. Used only TAMIYA XF-paints (airbrushed + brushed), MIG pigments, homemade oils for staining and TAMIYA Weathering Kit´s. Used different accessories from TAMIYA for completion of stowage. I think that is about it, but if You have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Richard Sjem, Norway

” Meat Chopper” 


Richard Sjem

Work Time 

About a month


Kit: AFV Club M16 / Self-Propelled anti-aircraft gun 




Static Modeling


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