The detail is all self-built and/or designed with the Tinkercad application and 3D printed. An example of a 3D part is the control unit that I redesigned to replace the one in the kit which was not detailed. Even some internal details on the side bellies were not there and I added them by 3D printing them. I replaced all the cables and hoses in the kit that were oversized and added some that weren’t there. I added the grilles in the air inlet towards the radiators and the tie rods then I added the underbody tie rods on the engine and the wasteoff ones on the exhausts. In detail in the aftermarket I used some electrical connectors, hydraulic joints and braided hoses


Andrea Bassi

Work Time 

About 4 months 





Static Modeling 


Kit decal and Marlboro decal by Mix Hobby
Colors: Tamiya White and Red MP4 Red by Zero Paints plus various Tamiya, Gunze, AK and Alclad colors