This project of mine was born above all for a tribute to Ayrton Senna who I consider the best driver of all time.

The model represents the car with which he won his first world title in 1988 after a heated duel with Prost.

The kit is from Tamiya bought from Japan, otherwise it would not have had the Marlboro lettering which is banned in many countries of the world.

The kit is from Tamiya in 1/20 scale.

For the paint I used white tamiya spray, fluo orange and  black .

I also used piant cans such as semigloss black, gold, clear red and metallic gray.

For the assembly I used the Revell glue with needle which I am best , the decals were attached after having softened them in the water without other substances.

The showcase instead is by Trumpeter

Alessandro Clerici

Mclaren MP4 /4 1988


Alessandro Clerici 

Work Time 

About 3 months 


Mp4/4 Tamiya 




Static Racing Modeling


Tamiya paints , Revell Glue